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Kootenai Clinic Orthopedics

At Kootenai Clinic Orthopedics, our experienced physicians and staff treat patients who are suffering from injuries involving the skeleton, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints and connective tissue. Our team helps patients improve their quality of life and resolve issues that make day to day activities painful or unbearable. Our team is committed to helping patients get back to what they love through specialized surgical and non-surgical care.

Our services include:
  • Surgery of the knee, elbow, shoulder and ankle
  • Treatment of fractures and dislocations
  • Joint replacement
  • Sports injuries
  • Foot and ankle surgery
  • Treatment of inflammatory disorders: tendinitis, arthritis, and more
If you are considering joint replacement (knee, hip, shoulder), visit our Total Joint Replacement Program page to learn more about our comprehensive education and preparation program.

When to Talk to an Orthopedic Surgeon 

Below is a short list of considerations, which can help patients know when to seek the advice of an orthopedic surgeon.

  • Severe pain limiting activities and enjoyment of daily living: This is the most important indication for surgical consideration and is what most often brings patients to see a doctor in the first place.
  • Increasing deformity: Many patients find that their joint becomes deformed over time. If ignored for too long, some of these deformities can become difficult to correct with surgery.
  • Decreasing range of motion: Most of the time, pain is a result of the inflammation that often accompanies the wear process. This inflammation causes swelling and bone-spurs, both of which can decrease a patient’s motion. It can be difficult to regain all of the lost motion even with surgery. Seeking advice from a surgeon before too much motion is lost is important.
  • Failure of other methods of pain control such as injections and NSAIDS: Before considering joint replacement, patients should try other methods of pain control. These include appropriately dosed anti-inflammatories, injections and range of motion exercises.
If a patient finds they are beginning to notice any of the issues noted above, it may be time to consider getting advice from a surgeon. They can assist the decision-making process and help you understand if and how you can benefit from surgery.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

If you have any of these symptoms, be sure to talk with your provider about options: tendinitis, knee pain, hip pain, rotator cuff pain, ACL pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, elbow pain, ligament pain. 


Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday. We even have some appointments that can be made after normal work hours. If you are a new patient, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This will allow enough time to complete the required paperwork prior to your scheduled appointment time. To help make the process faster, fill out your new patient paperwork before your appointment and bring it with you. If you fill out your paperwork before, feel free to arrive five minutes prior to your appointment.

Patient Downloads

Online Patient Portal 

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Our offices are conveniently located in Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls. However, we welcome patients from Sandpoint, Kellogg, Spokane Valley and throughout the Inland Northwest. Call us today for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment.

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1110 W. Park Place, Suite 202
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