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Your Joy. Our Technology.

At Kootenai Health, we care for women and children every day. Our “BabyFriendly” designated birthing center ensures every baby gets the best start in life.

Our neonatologists and Special Care Nursery staff are certified to nurture fragile newborns. And while we’re proud of our innovations in technology, the best part of our day is sharing the joy when you hold your precious baby for the first time. 

Birthing Center

From prenatal care to labor and delivery, expectant mothers can visit the Kootenai Health's Birthing Center on the Kootenai Health campus to receive first class treatment at one of only about 100 Baby-Friendly hospitals in the nation.


Newborns requiring intensive medical attention can receive specialized care at the Birthing Center's Level II-b neonatology unit. Highly qualified staff work in the center's state-of-the-art facilities to provide comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation to babies.


Kootenai Health’s Pediatric Department treats patients up to the age of 16. Highly-trained staff provide medical care, comfort and rehabilitation to young patients for a variety of childhood illnesses with a focus on family-centered care.

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