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Kootenai Health's MRI Services has been delivering quality patient imaging services to the community since 1991. Now, the addition of a new 3T MRI has brought patient care to an entirely new level. MRI is located on the ground floor of Kootenai Health's Heart Center.


3T (tesla) represents the highest level of technology available and is the choice of most universities and academic medical centers. Its larger opening gives patients 60 percent more room with twice the power of other MRIs. That means patients have a more comfortable experience and doctors have a better quality image to review for a more accurate diagnosis.

Complete MRI Care

MRI Services also operates a state-of-the-art, high-field unit with capabilities for MR imaging, MR angiography and MR Spectroscopy. With multiple specialties and many years of experience, Kootenai radiologists are trained to interpret these images to find abnormalities throughout the body. MRI Services continually upgrades equipment to produce the highest quality images available.

Other imaging exams are available through Kootenai Health's Imaging Services.


Visit the MRI Services FAQs pagevia email or at (208) 625-6340.