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Jonathan Linthicum, M.D.
Connor Quinn, M.D.

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Even when a hip or knee has been giving you pain for years, the thought of getting a new one can be daunting. Kootenai Health's total joint replacement program is designed to help.

The program was developed by our staff and is a reflection of our heart for excellence. Located conveniently in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, the program helps us help you achieve your goals with a successful total joint replacement surgery.

The Kootenai Advantage:

  • Receive education before the procedure to understand what to expect.
  • Advanced pain management helps get patients walking hours after surgery.
  • Better medication management helps patients feel more alert during recovery.
  • With convenient outpatient rehabilitation, patients are able to enjoy to the activities they love without pain.

If you're considering orthopedic surgery, talk with your doctor or call (208) 625-4900 for more information. Also, be sure to visit our Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine page to read more about our orthopedic program or to schedule an appointment.

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Virtual Tour

Click on the image below to view a virtual tour of one of our ortho/neuro patient rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joint Replacement

What procedures are performed at Kootenai Health?
Total hip replacement, total knee replacement and total joint replacement.

How long is my length of stay?
An average of two days.

When will I be out of bed following my surgery?
The majority of patients are successfully out of bed the day of surgery.

How soon can I put weight on my new joint?
Often patients put some weight on their operated leg the day of surgery.

Where do your patients live?
We help patients from throughout the inland northwest including Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint, Rathdrum, Hayden, Spokane and more.

How much will the surgery hurt?
Some pain is to be expected. However, it's our goal to have excellent pain control in order to allow you to be an active participant in the recovery process. Our resting pain goal is typically a 3 on a scale of from 1 to 10. The resting pain goal may var,y based upon your medical history.

Will I need a blood transfusion?
Blood loss is a part of the surgical process. We do implement treatments to reduce blood loss, however, some people may require a blood transfusion following surgery.

When can I shower?
Patients are usually allowed to shower within the first 48 hours following surgery.

Will I be able to return home after surgery?
Our goal is to have our patients return home following surgery. Currently, 80 percent of our patients are able to do so. For patients not returning home following surgery Kootenai Health's Social Services will help to arrange for care following your hospital stay.

When will I be able to return to activities without restrictions?
Most people are released to full activities as limited by their total joint replacement by three months.

How long do total joints last?
A total knee replacement will typically last 10 to 15 years. A total hip replacement will typically last between 20 to 25 years. The life span of the joint will vary based on your body and activities.

How much help will I need after surgery?
For the patients returning home following surgery some assistance is required. Typically the assistance is supportive care such as helping with bathing, dressing and food preparation. The majority of assistance required is in the first few days, or potentially weeks. As you recover, you will require less and less help.

Why should I have my surgery at Kootenai Health?
You will receive the highest-quality care right here in your community. You will be able to follow up with local surgeons, and transition seamlessly to Kootenai Health's physical therapy program at the McGrane Center for Rehabilitation, located on our campus. The outpatient therapy staff has access to all of the hospital staff that cared for you during your stay. The care that we provide is consistent with the highest national standards and is close to home.

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