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Kootenai Clinic Staff

Trusted, Informed, Compassionate

Sometimes tiny newborns need extra attention at birth. Kootenai Health’s Special Care Nursery and staff provide the attention these babies require.

This Level II nursery at Kootenai Health was designed for babies who need comprehensive care, monitoring and medical attention and can care for babies born as early as 32 weeks gestation (eight weeks premature), and those as small three pounds.

Three experienced, board-certified neonatologists care for these fragile newborns around the clock. All medical care is supported by a team of highly qualified professionals.

Precious Breaths

Sometimes newborns that are very tiny or ill have trouble breathing. The nursery’s respiratory therapists have been trained in the unique needs of newborns, providing oxygen or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) as needed. By 2014, ventilator care for up to 24 hours will also be available.


Nursery staff guide new parents through feeding and bonding options for special-care babies, including the kangaroo care bonding technique. If needed, additional nutrition can be provided until baby is ready for oral feedings. Registered dietitians specializing in neonatal care help ensure babies receive the nutrition they need to thrive. Parents can rest assured that their newborns are receiving the best care possible.

Kootenai is one of only about 100 Baby-Friendly hospitals in the nation. This designation marks the highest standard of care for mothers and babies and a commitment to improving infant health through breastfeeding and other practices that promote bonding. An active team of lactation consultants helps ensure that mother and baby have every opportunity to begin breastfeeding successfully.

Baby’s Development

From baby’s first hours, physical, occupational and speech therapists are assessing baby’s needs. With special training in infant development, they help ensure a safe, comforting and developmentally appropriate environment.

Additional Services

Pharmacists with extra training and experience administering medications to fragile newborns are on-site around-the-clock. Social workers with special training on perinatal and neonatal issues provide information on resources to help the family make the transition home. Kootenai Health also offers a follow-up rehabilitaion at the McGrane Center for Rehabilitation.