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Student Services

Each year, Kootenai Health places hundreds of students in various departments, contributing thousands of teaching hours to future community health care providers. In return, students gain real-life experience that helps advance their educational goals. If you are a medical student looking information on our physician residency program, please visit our physician residency page.

For the vast majority of students at Kootenai, participating in a clinical experience involves three key steps:

  1. Securing a contractual agreement between the educational program and Kootenai.
  2. Establishing eligibility to participate in a clinical experience.
  3. Securing placement in the department.

After completing the process for their program of interest, students must adhere to the following guidelines while on campus at Kootenai:

  1. Students must prominently display a Kootenai Health identification badge at all times.
  2. The dress code for students is business casual. If students are involved in direct patient care, scrubs with closed-toe shoes are allowed.

Click on the link below that describes your program of interest.

Licensed Independent Practitioner Faculty or Students
For faculty members or students in a graduate-level LIP program at a university. Examples include nurse practitioner, physician assistant, medical residents or medical school students.

Inland Northwest Clinical Placement Consortium Nursing or Certified Nursing Assistant Faculty
For faculty members in a program that participates in the Inland Northwest Clinical Placement Consortium. Examples include nursing assistant and nursing programs at North Idaho College, Washington State University, Lewis and Clark State College and Gonzaga University.

Health Professions Faculty
For faculty members in a collegiate health professions program. Examples include: nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, social work, radiology technology, speech pathology, occupational therapy, or nutrition science students.

College Students
For students who would like to submit an application and complete the Kootenai student packet.

For any questions or more information, contact Kootenai Health's Student Services department at (208) 625-6050 or via email.