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About Us


Become Part of the Network

The Kootenai Care Network is a “Clinically Integrated Network.”

Through clinical integration, physicians, hospitals and payers can work together in a more coordinated way to improve clinical outcomes and provide more cost-effective care. Network members maintain their independence, but work together in a mutually-accountable way. Through data analytics and collaboration, they develop and implement clinical protocols and monitor clinical performance. This helps achieve high quality care in a more efficient manner than can be achieved independently.

As quality metrics among network members improve and measurably better patient care is established, the network is able to engage in value-based contracting with both payers and employers.

Both Kootenai Clinic and independent physicians are encouraged to participate in Kootenai Care Network. 

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Kootenai Care Network Member Benefits 

  • Increases collaboration among providers and across specialties by rewarding teamwork and efficiency
  • Creates the critical mass needed to participate in certain government and private initiatives while maintaining independent practices
  • Provides outcomes feedback which can then be used to define and objectively demonstrate quality
  • Rewards patient health
  • Builds sustainability and aligns compensation incentives
  • Creates market differentiation which can preserve and build a patient base
  • Large employers and government payers will look to network providers to care for their employees and beneficiaries
  • Provides assistance with EMR and IT solutions
  • Care management support for complex disease management to improve care and reduce unnecessary admissions
  • Opportunity to participate in governance and play a meaningful role in determining one’s own future