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Kootenai Health’s Expansion Grand Opening

The exterior of Kootenai Health has transformed dramatically since breaking ground on the new eastern expansion in August of 2014.

The new building, totaling 100,000 square feet, not only provides more space to care for our patients, but also frees up space in the existing facility for future expansion and renovations.

When the doors of the expansion opened for the first time, so did a new chapter in the history of our community hospital.

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Labor and Delivery Room
Family Birth Center Lobby
Postpartum Room
Outpatient Rehab Gym
Pediatric Rehab
McGrane Pool
Ortho/Neuro Room
Main Lobby
Sub Waiting Area

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Front Entrance and Lobby

The new main entrance is located on the north side of the building. It offers a covered patient drop-off and pick-up area as well as free valet parking. The first thing patients and visitors see as they enter the new lobby is a reception station. Here, a guest services staff member greets visitors, providing an opportunity to get directions and ask questions.

The lobby also includes a new patient registration area. This provides a convenient place for patients coming in for scheduled procedures to register and allow the current registration area, located on the south side of the main hospital, to focus on emergency patients.

On the west side of the lobby, visitors may notice a staircase. This will eventually lead to an updated waiting area that will serve the soon-to-be expanded surgical suite.

Family Birth Center

The area just off the lobby is the Family Birth Center. Comprised of labor and delivery, post-partum and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the unit was designed to provide a calm, private experience for new families. The design features more nurses’ stations and private rooms to help maintain a quiet, restful atmosphere.

There are now 10 labor and delivery rooms (compared to six in the former birth center), each with jetted tubs and upgraded technology. Just down the hall are 18 post-partum rooms (up from 12). These rooms are also much larger, private and offer amenities like large windows, a comfortable sleeper-sofa, and a refrigerator.

“The new patient rooms are nearly twice the size of the existing rooms,” Derek said. “This allows the mother and infant to be in the same room while also accommodating visitors.”

The new NICU consists of 12 rooms, with two of them equipped to handle twins if needed. Infants will have their own room with the latest technology available. The new NICU provides care for infants as early as 28 weeks gestation and as small as 2.2 pounds.

Second Floor, Orthopedics and Neurology

The second floor of the expansion is dedicated to orthopedics and neurology. All of the new patient rooms are 40 percent larger with amenities for patient education, communication and entertainment. Much like the Family Birth Center rooms, the layout of the second floor is designed to reduce noise and streamline care. It includes 32 rooms split between five nurses’ stations.

The second floor connects to the existing hospital via three hallways, making transporting patients between buildings easier. The rooms have large windows with beautiful views.

The orthopedic department hosts the Total Joint Program and include a special rehabilitation gym for joint replacement patients.

Patient Interactive Care Boards

Each patient room has a TV and Information Network. This tool serves as a central communication hub for patients, families and care team members – providing up-to-date and personalized care plan information that is easy to navigate and understand.

These interactive care boards, automatically populate important patient information and identify who makes up the patient’s medical team. Nursing staff work with the patient and their caregivers to track medications and other care statistics. The system houses educational videos about procedures and ailments, provides instructions for home care and entertainment such as TV, movies and games.

Plans to expand the system to the main hospital are underway.

About Kootenai Health

Kootenai Health has maintained Magnet status since 2006. This designation is nursing's top honor, accepted nationally as the gold standard in nursing excellence. Additionally, Kootenai Health is part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a national network of organizations that share a commitment to better serving patients and their families. As part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Kootenai Health physicians have access to Mayo Clinic’s knowledge and expertise when these additional resources can be helpful. This access allows many patients to avoid unnecessary travel for answers to complex medical questions. Learn more about Kootenai Health on our About page