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Physician Residency

Kootenai Health's family medicine Coeur d’Alene residency is a new program that will begin accepting first year residents in 2014.

Our residency program combines a multitude of regional resources to train family physicians to meet the challenges of a growing rural community in the 21st century. We provide residents with the unique experience of practicing medicine in northern Idaho under the direction of an experienced and diverse faculty and dynamic curriculum.

As an affiliate of the University of Washington Family Medicine Residency Network, Kootenai fully participates with national leaders in family medicine, rural practice and patient-centered primary care.

Our faculty has the experience and skills necessary to train residents for rural medicine as well as inpatient and outpatient family practice. Their professionalism and first-hand experience make them ideal mentors for fostering and teaching compassionate patient care. Our practice-based environment creates a team approach to learning and allows open feedback to help to improve each individual and their teammates.

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