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Palliative Clinic

Medical Director

Stacie Bering, MD
Stacie Bering, M.D.

Kootenai health Staff

Kootenai Health is committed to providing complete physical, emotional and spiritual care to patients in all stages of life. If your friend or family member is terminally ill, rest assured that a specialized team will provide maximum comfort during their stay at Kootenai Health.

Your loved one’s palliative care team will consist of many people, including a palliative care physician, a registered nurse, a chaplain and a social worker.

Learn more about our palliative care program by calling (208) 625-4798 or your can email the palliative care nurse coordinator.

End of Life Choices

At the end of life, care may be given at home, in a hospital, nursing home or a hospice program. At Kootenai, our goal is to help educate family members about end of life issues and help terminally ill patients remain comfortable during their last days.

Defining Medical Treatment Decisions

If you become unable to communicate your medical care choices, it's best to have an advance directive in place. This directive includes a living will and durable power of attorney. These allow you to keep control over your medical treatment decisions at the end of life.

Download the forms below: