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Critical Care

Critical Care

Kootenai Health's critical care specialty team supervises the care of the hospital's most critically ill patients.

Referred to as the hospital's intensivists, this dedicated group of physicians is trained in pulmonary/critical care medicine and certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Their single focus is critical care, without other competing responsibilities within the hospital.

Kootenai Health's intensivists  David York, M.D., Richard Robinson, M.D., Todd Hoopman, M.D., Kevin Chang, M.D., Kevin Strait, DO — lead a multidisiplinary team of care givers on their daily rounds.

They cover areas such as medications, care plans, and psychological, social and financial issues. They work with a checklist to ensure even the smallest detail is in order to provide the best in care. Treatment goals are reviewed each day with staff and family members. The intensivists work with the patient's doctor to achieve these goals, relaying vital information necessary to institute and carry out the treatment plan.

Since critical care patients are so sick, even a small change in their treatment may lead to an improvement or to a downward spiral very quickly. Therefore the patient's progress is closely monitored, and the intensivist is immediately notified of significant changes. Studies have shown that there is no other therapy in critical care that has as large an impact on the reduction in mortality than when intensivists are involved.

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