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Kootenai Health's Behavioral Health provides the most comprehensive chemical dependency treatment in the region.

This delivery system encompasses a broad range of psychiatric and chemical dependency services. Admission is voluntary and the level of care is individually determined. Addiction is a family illness and treatment for the family is essential. Our family program offers counseling and education and is an important part of our overall treatment approach.

Chemical dependency affects major areas of a person's life including physical, psychological, emotional, social, vocational, family and spiritual aspects. Recovery is based on a desire to stop using substances, such as alcohol and illicit drugs, which serve as a means to cope with stressors. The journey begins by abstaining from the use of drugs and alcohol. It continues during treatment with learning new behaviors that support a lifestyle of sobriety.

Adult Chemical Dependency Inpatient Program

The adult chemical dependency program is a 16-bed intensive inpatient program providing a medical model of rehabilitation. This 14-21 day program focuses on addiction, education, spirituality, relapse prevention skills and client and family strengths to assist the client in continued sobriety. Therapies include group, individual, family, education and recreation.

The chemical dependency team consists of a psychiatrist, registered nurse, master's level therapists, as well as certified chemical dependency counselors (CCDCs). It is not uncommon for individuals to be living and coping with more than one problem. We care for patients with dual diagnoses (substance abuse coupled with mental health diagnoses). It is the practice of our chemical dependency treatment team to work closely with other community agencies which help us better meet an individual's needs.

Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Services

Intensive outpatient services (IOP) are available for adults (ages 18 and older). This comprehensive treatment approach includes a thorough assessment, which provides the basis for goal-oriented treatment planning. Group meetings are offered three nights weekly. Topics include relapse prevention, family issues, addiction education and 12-step work in both co-ed and gender-specific formats.


Do you have questions about admissions or programming? Call us at (208) 625-4848 or email us at

If a family member is making the initial contact, please know we will need to speak to the patient directly to begin the admission process. These are the items they will need to have ready in order to begin:

  • Current medications
  • Emergency contacts
  • Insurance information
  • Significant medical concerns (past or present)

Admission Assessment

Please download the admission assessment prior to your arrival. This can be emailed, faxed at (208) 625-5774 or completed over the phone by calling (208) 625-4848.

Assessment Application (coming soon)

Insurance Information

We work with all major insurance companies including Medicaid and Medicare. Our staff will be happy to complete the insurance verification process.  

What to Pack

Download the PDF

Family Packet (Questionnaire)

Download the PDF 


Visitors are welcome on Saturdays for one hour. Patients are welcome to check their phone out during the day respond to emails, call family members, etc. Patients can receive mail at 2301 Ironwood Place, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814.


"They taught me about the disease aspect and the physical changes that occur. They helped immerse me into and AA program and I learned a lot about the psychological side of my disease. My counselor, Steve, is one of the top in the country."

"I have learned many coping skills throughout my treatment. I do know some of my triggers that make me want to drink and they have introduced me to a lot of activities I can do instead. This program also showed me where I can improve relationships with my family and how I can include AA in my life. I will always be grateful for waht I learned at Kootenai Behavioral Health."

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