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Wellness Program

At Kootenai Health, we care about the health of our employees as much as we do about the health of our patients. To help promote employee wellness and offset unwanted health care costs, Kootenai was proactive and created incentivized programs to get employees moving.

MyHealth Program

Kootenai’s self-developed employee wellness program is called MyHealth. Several MyHealth initiatives are in place to help employees achieve their personal goals, including:

  • Free health coaches
  • Weight Watchers at the Workplace
  • LiveWell program
  • Discounted memberships to PEAK Fitness
  • Reimbursements to employees who compete PEAK’s “Biggest Loser” challenge
  • Summer walking series and step challenges
  • Free yoga classes
  • Reimbursements for smoking cessation products and services
  • Financial counseling
  • Ongoing free financial seminars for employees and their spouses
  • Partnerships and discounts with local area agencies such as the Coeur d'Alene Marathon.

We believe patients will most likely receive better care as a result of having a happier, more engaged employee caring for them.

Future Programs

MyHealth is growing and expanding services for employees.

“Know Your Numbers” is geared toward helping employees stay informed about their current health information. This will be an option during benefit enrollment where employees can have blood work done so they can see and understand their blood pressure and cholesterol readings.

To learn more about ways you can incorporate employee wellness into your business or organization, please contact Josh Burton at (208) 666-3053.