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Child Care Program

Kootenai Health's kids child care program helps children grow socially and physically in a safe and loving environment.

Child Care Program Team

The program has a specially trained staff with over 50 years of combined experience attending to the needs of children.

  • Certified nursing assistant
  • Licensed social services worker
  • Licensed elementary education teacher
  • Fully dedicated group of teacher assistants
  • Additional support staff

All staff members are trained in basic life support (BLS) and first aid. Continuing education for staff is also offered.


Kootenai Health’s modern child care facility includes a fenced play yard. Inside is a permanent play structure surrounded with bark for the children's safety and a multi-purpose area for larger projects and programs.

Food and Activities

Meals are served family style and children's restroom facilities are age appropriate.

All activities are designed for each age group in their classroom and the use of the multi-purpose area. Sample activities include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Games
  • Cooking
  • Buggy rides
  • Circle time
  • Field trips (age appropriate)
  • Visits to the Adult Day Program
  • Horticulture
  • Holiday programs
  • Kindergarten preparation


All children must be pre-approved, registered, and current on their immunizations. Monthly calendars are required for scheduling.


We believe that given the opportunity, resources and stimulus, children have the potential to develop their innate capacities and learning styles during the first six years of life. Activities should be appropriate to their learning style and developmental needs.

Intergenerational interaction between children and the elderly encourages a child's sense of self-worth through the extended family concept. Children are exposed to traditions and customs parents may not always have the time to provide.


  • Create a loving and nurturing environment during a child's separation from parents.
  • Provide a physical environment conducive to learning, reflective of the stages of childhood development, and consistent with the health and safety needs of the children and staff.
  • Help children develop and maintain a positive self-concept.
  • Provide the child with a variety of appropriate learning experiences to foster social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth.
  • Assist in the development of a sense of responsibility and recognition of the rights and needs of others.
  • To encourage self-reliance in the child and foster feelings of achievement and success.
  • To provide an intergenerational working model using an extended family concept, where families may observe and participate in the program.

Financial Assistance may be available if pre-approved and qualified through the Idaho Child Care Program. To find out if you are eligible, please call (208) 769-1456.

For more information contact the Kootenai Kids Clerk at (208) 625-6070 or Kootenai Kids Coordinator at (208) 625-5002.