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Car Seat Safety

The safety of your child is important at Kootenai Health. That's one reason why we are the lead agency of Safe Kids Kootenai County. Since four out of five car seats are not used correctly, Kootenai Health has developed a team of car seat specialists to help ensure seats are installed and used properly.

Kootenai Health's child passenger safety technicians are fully trained in relevant federal legislation and safety standards, crash dynamics and vehicle occupant protection systems. The technicians can also help you select an appropriate child restraint system and explain how to correctly install it.

Locations, Dates and Times

Kootenai Health offers free car seat safety inspections by appointment on various Thursdays. Inspections are done outdoors near Rehabilitation Services near the North Entrance.

Each year, Safe Kids also hosts free car seat safety events throughout the community.


Car seat inspections are free. A limited number of car seats are available for qualifying families on a donation basis.


Registration is required for Thursday afternoon inspections. To register, call Kootenai Health at (208) 625-4642.

Other Information

Bring your car seat, vehicle, vehicle owner's manual and child (if possible) to the safety check. A complete car seat inspection takes approximately 30 minutes per seat. Be prepared for you and your child to spend some time outside your vehicle during the check. Please bring outerwear for you and your child if necessary.